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Name: Puca (Poo-kah)
Race: Human
Age: 17
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 6 feet, 4 inches
Weight: 197 lbs.
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Yellow
Skin Color: White
Birthplace: The wilds
Team/Affiliation: Beacon Academy
Rank: 4th year

Picture: Puca HSffK0E

Additional Pictures: *Additional art pending

Background: Puca Was born in the wild, as both his parents were hunters out in the field, battling off Grimm and reporting on their movements every few years before venturing out past the city walls once again. It was on one of these outings that Puca was born, his mother unfortunately dying in childbirth, leaving them literally a year's journey from Civilization. Without his mother's milk to help Puca survive his first months, both he and his father were forced to subsist upon the bodies of hunted Grimm, and Dust rations, permanently altering Puca's appearance to the yellow eyed, white haired one he has now, as well as likely coloring his personality. Puca was eventually brought to Beacon and has lived there all his life, raised jointly by the various teachers and professors there, whom he considers family. He took in fighting techniques and weapon construction with his first words and steps. As a result, he is knowledgeable in all things hunter-related, but lacks many social skills which would be imparted in a typical parental relationship. When he was 13 he decided to join the academy on the official record so he could become a real hunter. He is now attending his last year at Beacon Academy, yearning to travel the world.

Personality: Puca is an adventurous, sarcastic person, one who is not necessarily anti-social, but doesn’t go out of his way to meet new people either. He enjoys combat, exploring new places, trying new things, and accumulating stories. Puca is very resourceful and inquisitive, being able to reason and plan under pressure, and maintain a level head. His abundance of skill in combat and acrobatics, as well as his ability to survive on his own, has clouded his personality some-what with arrogance, though he is never rude to anybody. Puca particularly loves the challenge of a new opponent, academically or in the more physical sense. If a person can hold their own against him, they can usually gain his respect, but those who fail against him tend to be over-looked. In conversation, the most readily noticeable thing about Puca is his over-abundance of wit, as he loves to confuse and joke with his friends, often leaving conversation abruptly just to leave a person to mull over what he just said. Puca is, in a word, playful, in his own smug, over-confident way.
Although, care-free and fun, Puca is given to bouts of depression or seriousness on occasion, and he has a habit of over-thinking some things. He lacks faith in the abilities of his comrades, and feels a need to push himself beyond the limits of what is healthy, making him something of a lone wolf. His father used dust to keep Puca alive during the several month journey back to civilization, as his mother died and he had no source of milk as a new-born, this seems to have left Puca with a touch of the unnatural, as he picks up on things which tend to slip by others, and he is very much in tune with his environment at all times.

Aura Appearance: Puca’s aura is a swirling black and red color, with something like whispers filtering in across the edge of one’s hearing.
Semblance: Puca can project a shadowy energy through the conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy. It appears much like thick black smoke, only it is cool to the touch and poses no threat to the body if inhaled. This ability strengthens the kinetic energy of Puca’s attacks while lessening it’s effect upon himself.

The Twin Maltars

Weapon Name: The Twin Maltars (Comes from the combination of the word Mortar, and the latin prefix “Mal,” meaning bad.)
Picture: Puca Eqq6edx

The Twin Maltars are two identical canons, about 2 feet in length, with 4 inch wide barrels, and enough raw explosive power to level 6 feet of concrete. The firing mechanism is a simple lever which runs alongside the handle. New ammunition is stored within the handle in a nearly infinite quantity, as it employs technology which keeps the steel canon-ball nearly the size of a grain of sand, using dust to expand the ball to it’s original size and fill the barrel, upon the release of the previous one; A unique locking mechanism prevents it from falling out of the barrel when not in use.

Strength: 5
Agility: 9
Intelligence: 9
Luck: 5
Charisma: 7
Dust Affinity: 6
Aura: 9

Signature Abilities:

Ground Pound: Puca fires his canons at the ground, or some other surface to propel himself in the opposing direction with great force.
Resemblance: Puca uses his semblance to launch a flurry of blows un-naturally fast at an opponent, essentially building a hit-streak and strengthening the force of his attacks like a juggernaught.
Mace: Puca swings his canons in combination with his semblance, turning them into clubs with tremendous crushing force.
Instant Door: Puca fires his canons at close range, blowing a perfect 3-by-3 foot hole in the target.
Executioner: Puca places the barrel of his canon on, or within 2 or 3 inches of the target, firing with enough force to completely blow-apart the object being fired at.
Grimm Warrior: Puca uses the strength of his aura to over-power a Grimm, riding and commanding the creature for a brief time.


Character Reference: The Bogey-man (Shown through unnatural coloration of the hair and eyes, demented appearance, fearful smoke-based abilities, mischievous personality, and excessive brutality when in combat.)

Voice: Deep baritone, with a slight huskiness that will on occasion linger at the ends of his vowels.

Theme Song: *Pending

Trivia: Puca is not to be confused with the Asian word of the same pronunciation; it actually means Bogey-man in traditional Scottish.

All the art for Puca's profile was done by me!

Quotes: “I don’t dislike normal people, without them, how would us weirdos stand out?”
“If I don’t kill them, then they’ll just come back some other time; might as well enjoy it.”
“Why have cargo pants without cargo? I like to be prepared.”
“I don’t think you aren’t a good fighter, I just think you aren’t as good as me.”
“All I ask is a gun, and a friend to use it with!”
“You know, history really does repeat itself, if you learned from it, maybe I wouldn’t be beating the crap out of you this time too.”
“I hate bullies, they have no class; Why pick on those lower than yourself? No fun in that. Go after something that’ll be a real challenge.”
“Saying you can be excessive with violence, is like saying you can have too much chocolate. That’s a load of crap.”
“Wanna be friends? We could kill stuff together, and swap stories over a big stinking sandwich!”
“Have I ever mentioned my love of philosophy? Nihilism imparticular, fascinates me.”
“What do you mean ‘take time to mourn’? Revenge is a form of mourning!”


Lin: 100§
Items: A back-pack made of black extra-strength burlap, Sewing supplies, rubbing alcohol, bandages, a constant supply of snack-foods, a basic pocket knife (4 inches of stainless steel), a gasmask, water-skin.
Clothes: Black and white sleeveless shirt made of a durable combat-material. Dark khaki cargo pants, with a sturdy leather belt, a neutral colored hoodie (typically worn around the waste), and black combat boots.

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Puca Empty Re: Puca

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Puca Empty Re: Puca

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