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Name: Perle
Race: Human
Age: 18
Alignment: Good
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 153 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Amber
Skin Color: White
Birthplace: Patch
Team/Affiliation: Solo
Rank: 1st Year

Perle Klenodie (The One-Way Mirror) Gretel10

Witch Hunter::
Perle Klenodie (The One-Way Mirror) Witch_10

Background: "Growing up on Patch with three older brothers makes for a pretty easy life. There was never a shortage of labor, too few people lived near us to cause problems, and my dad couldn't have been greater. My stepmother though.... she was a different story. There were lots of us in the house, and we didn't always have much food. One of my older brothers left to try to decrease the number of mouths to feed, but that also meant that we had even less food being brought in. Our stepmother decided that I wasn't doing enough for the family, called me a leech, and sent me to live with another family while I attended Signal. As long as she was going to exile me, I figured I may as well make the most of it and make sure that I could show her up when I went all the way and enrolled at Beacon. My new mother... well, she was even more of a witch than my step-mom, but it wasn't so bad in the long run. I spent every minute of free time that I'd had studying and training to become a Huntress. Would I say it paid off? Hell yeah it did!"

Personality: In Perle's early life, she was a very calm, introvertive, nerdy girl. It wasn't that she would lock herself in a room every chance she got and refused to talk to anyone, but she didn't particularly care all too much about whether anyone else even knew she existed, and until her enrollment in Signal, no one but her family really did know that she existed. After she started taking classes at the Junior Academy, she learned to pull her nose out of her books and started making friends, even if it did take her several weeks. Her new, outgoing persona was exactly what gave her the confidence to compete in the Vale Regional Tournament, and she even argues that it's the reason she won consecutively for her last two years attending Signal.

Aura Appearance: A whispy, milky-white aura with a maroon outline. It's far thicker on further inspection than most presume and it gives off confusing and overbearing I-know-it-all-and-you-don't feeling to people who aren't already well-acquainted with Perle, but those who are closer to her will quickly realize that it's a much more big-sistery kind of feeling; more like warning you to be careful before doing something stupid than telling you you're stupid for doing it.

Semblance: Heliodunamis: Perle's aura allows her to gather energy from the sun and project it in to (mostly) defensive, and (some) offensive techniques, including amplification of her own energy and stamina.


Witch Hunter: A bo staff with a spear-head on either side. Each spear-head can be launched independently of the other by "cocking" the middle section of the staff in either direction, similar to how one would cock a shotgun. If there are NO arrowheads left, then solar bullets can be launched instead. The staff can expand to become a bow, or it can separate to become a pair of nunchaku. In it's nunchaku form, Witch Hunter can not fire arrow-heads due to a lack of a small enough firing mechanism.

-Perle has special arrow-heads with ropes attached to them that can be fired from the bo-staff form in a similar fashion to a harpoon.


Strength: 8
Agility: 8
Intelligence: 7
Luck: 6
Charisma: 6
Dust Affinity: 4
Aura: 7

Signature Abilities:


Character Reference: Gretel of Hansel and Gretel

Voice: (Not necessary, but a description of your character's voice, or an actual example of your character's voice can be nice to have.)

Theme Song:



Lin: 100ยง
Witch Hunter: Perle's Bow-Staff

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