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The Emerald Forest (Teams) Empty The Emerald Forest (Teams)

Post by Ace on Fri Mar 06, 2015 10:45 am

As most of you have probably guessed, teams will--as they are canonically--be officially decided by an initiation exam in the Emerald Forest. However, while most forums allow their members to decide what sort of teams they'll be putting together, we like to add a strong element of randomness to it. After all, in the show, the characters didn't quite get to influence the outcome of their teams so much. However, in order to keep the site fun for everybody, if there is a specific character or maybe two that you REALLY don't want to be in a team with, let us know ahead of time and we'll make sure that you all start as far away from each other as possible. If for some reason you STILL end up together, then.... well actually you're pretty much screwed. We'll only do so much to help you out there. After all, Ozpin didn't exactly hand out parachutes and pre-made lunches for the initiation.

Once we have determined that there is a suitable number of 1st year students(divisible by four) an announcement will be made, an event thread will be started at Beacon, and students will be lined up in the order that they arrive for the beginning of the thread. Keep in mind that this order does slightly affect the outcome of where you will land, and if there are certain people that you want to be partnered with, it is advisable that you show up close to the same time that they did. Once launched, your "landing strategy" will also help in determining where you'll end up when you hit the ground. For example, using your weapon to launch yourself further off into the forest will probably result in you landing a bit further than the others. Also, your agility stat will play a role in how far you are launched. After everyone has landed, the moderators of the thread will put all of the characters on a map that will be will not be available to the players, and then the map will be randomly littered with Grimm and the objective will be placed ROUGHLY equidistant from each player. After a pair reaches the objective, they can exit the forest in any way.

Remember, your character CAN die here, so exercise extreme caution. Good luck, and Happy Hunting.

-Your Public Relations Admin, Ace

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