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Post by Xaldalneir on Sun Mar 01, 2015 9:04 pm

1.) No harassment is allowed here in the site, period. If you are caught harassing another member, you will receive 50 infraction points and a one day ban. The next incident will be another 50 points and a week long ban. A third incident will result in a permanent ban.

2.) Godmodding and Bunnying are not allowed. Any action of Godmodding will result in an investigation and action by the Staff.

3.) To kill a player character, you must first be in a fight/situation where the death could occur, and you must have a staff member review it.

4.) One hit kills are not allowed, and you may not have abilities that allow such.

5.) Please rate your threads based on the content you intend for them to have or any content that develops in them. We will be using the ESRB ratings E, T, and M, along with suffix letters to explain why.

Example: You have a mature thread with language, gore, and explicit content. You would title it

Title Name, Private/Open, M-LGEc

6.) All members should keep track of their threads and make sure that nothing effects the timeline. (Example: Sam is kidnapped in one thread, but continues to act like nothing happened in the second thread.)

7.) All threads are requested to have a timestamp in the following format.

Month and Day
00:00 AM/PM
Time after any significant event related to thread (I.E: 2 months after X)

8.) Beginning on January 1st, 2015, we will be following a semi standard flow of time. Unless otherwise stated, the date a thread begins on will be it's starting date. Time will then flow as detailed in the thread. We will follow the months of the year as best as possible.

9.) To keep timelines clean, all threads happen in the order they were formed, unless SPECIFICALLY STATED as happening before/after another thread.

10.) Threads must be labeled as 'Private: user and user' or 'Open to all'

11.) Please add the tag (Finished) on any and all finished threads.

12.)If you are absent for a long period of time and return and are unable to find your thread, please look in the Thread Archives section. If you find it, please ask a Staff Member to retrieve it for you.

13.) No timeskips over 1 week without Administrator Approval.

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