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Post by Ace on Fri Oct 30, 2015 1:40 pm

Every day things are happening in Vale, and it all gets recorded by the VNN, or the Vale News Network. What this means for you, as a functional (or dysfunctional) member of our lovely society, is that there will be a VNN thread on the forum covering all relevant events that might have an effect on your threads. Abnormal weather, local and recent crimes, upcoming events, alerts, grimm sightings, sales, spooky foreshadowing, and important plot information will all be included in the VNN. It is expected that you will pay attention to the VNN and, before making a thread, study the relevant articles accordingly. Of course if your character is all the way in Mistral on a mission or something, you don't need to know that it's currently raining in Vale, however it might be important for you to know about the local dust refinery getting blown up by a criminal syndicate, as you could receive an urgent notification of such an event over your scroll from your friend back at Vale, or if your close relative worked at said refinery and was injured, this could be grounds for you to leave your mission early and go home to check things out. If you think something should be on the VNN and ISN'T, just hit up your favorite staff member and let them know. They've got the final say, and should be on top of things, but we're not omniscient, so we definitely could have missed something going on. Remember to use the VNN consistently (because who doesn't love watching the news?), and happy hunting.

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