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Post by Sovuru on Thu Nov 19, 2015 6:43 pm

Puca had finally decided. Yep. The worst thing about suffering through class was the fact that he already knew everything. It was like hearing someone deliver a lecture on the ocean's blue-ness, followed by a detailed description of the sun's bright-ness. He yawned tremendously, feet resting on the back of the desk in front of him, while he stretched like a cat, right down to a muted yowl, behind one hand.
What class was this even? Oh, right, he didn't actually know. That's how bad it was. He pulled a book from one of the copious and plentiful pockets all over his pants and set to reading. The villain was just about to win, when he was called on, making him nearly drop the volume, and lose his place. He looked up, yellow eyes wide with panic "What? er, uhh, I couldn't quite hear. Could you say that again? Sorry."
Sometime, the fact he grew up with all the teachers got him out of stuff. Other times, it meant they would go even harder on him.


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