Isaac Gerakobits 1st year student application

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Isaac Gerakobits 1st year student application Empty Isaac Gerakobits 1st year student application

Post by Isaac_Gerakobits on Wed Dec 16, 2015 11:01 pm

"Isn't it obvious General? You're looking at him."

Name: Isaac Assan
Race: Human
Age: 18
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: Heterochromatic (Left-Rose Quartz, Right- Emerald, from his view)
Skin Color: Tan
Birthplace: City of Vale
Team/Affiliation: None, yet, besides the school
Rank: 1st year

Picture: Isaac Gerakobits 1st year student application Isaac_of_rwby_by_royaladk-d9k34sk The images to the side are either different perspectives, or the rest of the outfit, he wears green gloves to 'Match the being in his dreams'

Background: Growing up in Vales, Isaac was an... anomaly, in a way. Always finding ways in and out of trouble. Be it dust stealing, beating up those who have nothing nice to say, or doing something flat out stupid. Unlike most of his fellow friends or males, he did stumble upon his weapon in a rather unique place. More like he found it in his father's workshop.

He had been wadering around the shop as normal, when he had accidentally opened the panel labeled 'Do Not Touch'. In it was a katana-like weapon, with a rose shaped button. Considering his parents were already discussing giving him the weapon, he figured he make the decision for them. Serveral arguements later, and Isaac was on his way to learn to fight for his kind.

Personality: Isaac tends to be described by strangers as Cynical and a Deceiver, due to him being able to lie like second nature. Internally, he is a good leader, besides his social anxiety, and general nervousness. Incredibly contridictory, he tends to confuse people, as well as himself. Perfering to be left alone by other students, and tends to avoid being called on in class.

Aura Appearance: Isaac's aura is a orange color, resembling water in texture, and possibly sound, if that were the case. Moving your hand through it feels like being underwater, and not recommended to do. It's best used in healing.

Semblance: Often jokingly referred to as 'Water Healing', Isaac can heal minor wounds at best. While using it, his aura wraps around the wound if it's large enough, and acts as a protective seal until the wound's healed. Using it too much, however, leads to Isaac being unable to move and having a hard time breathing. It's best used outside of battle, wear Isaac is less likely to be hit, as he can't move when using his semblance.


Amadahy Aira: With a name meaning Forest water winds, this weapon shifts from a Katana to a musket with the press of a button, literally. Being 4' 3" long, the sword is roughly 20-25 lbs, a lightweight weapon to Isaac. It's hilt is light blue in color, with a black rose shaped button under the guard. The guard itself is made to look like a pink sakura blossom. The blade, as curved as it is, is made from stainless steel, forged repeated, with a sapphire blue dragon carved into one side. There is a ribbon attached to the hilt, black in color. With a press of a button, the blade splits in half towards the top, allowing the blade to utilize its second form, the musket. There is a second button on the lower portion of the handle, used to fire, while the string helps to open the bottom for reloading.


Strength: 6
Agility: 6
Intelligence: 8
Luck: 2
Charisma: 5
Dust Affinity: 2
Aura: 6

Signature Abilities:

Neptune Ice Beam: Creates a beam of Ice, used to slicken the floor.
Extreme Kick: Uses a strong kick to the chest to distract or daze opponents
Martial Arts mastery: More of a skill, but Isaac is proficient in Martial Arts, allowing him to get out of situations much easier


Character Reference: Isaac Gerakobits and Isaac The Archangel (Isaac G., cause he's my little badass, and the Archangel, cause they both relate to laughter in some way)

Voice: Isaac would probably be Sebastian Michealis in terms of voice, or Claude. But Sebby fits better

Theme Song: Set it off 'Wolf in Sheep's clothing' (battle)
Legend by Adrian Von Ziegler(First encounter)
Wolf Blood by Adrian Von Ziegler(angry)
Ancient Storm by Adrian Von Ziegler (Normal)

Quotes: "Don't you have anything better to do?"

"Stay. The hell. Away. From. Them!"


Lin: 100ยง
Item Name:
Amadahy Aira
Extra Ammo from his dad
His clothes he has on

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