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Post by CrowSlayer on Tue Mar 03, 2015 8:29 pm

Alignment: neutral
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Yellow (blue)
Skin Color:White
Rank:1st year

Picture: Crow stratiotis‏ Warrior%2BAbs%2BScar%2BBicolor%2BWeapon%2BMale%2BAnime%2BHD%2BWallpaper%2BBackgrounds%2BPhoto%2BImage%2BPicture

Background: Crow started a rather quiet child that always was observing and then planning out his next move or action. school wise he always did his best and ended up above the curve and excelling in overall use of dust. This lead him to start infusing dust into his own body. Due to his usefulness the military of Atlas enrolled him and trained him in combat until it was found that he had done, "extracurricular activities." Such as releasing and hunting on Grimm inside of the base he was currently residing in. After being expelled from the base he took interest in beacon and the whole concept of hunting grim for money.

Personality: Usually strict and straight forward with whatever he does or wants. This however changes the more you get to know him. Much like his aura would imply he is always observing and learning about possible flaws and techniques people use. This does not go with out saying that he will not be obviously showing that he does so.

Aura Appearance: His aura is a hue of light green and and gives off a strict and uniform feeling however if one lingers around it for to long it is revealed to be unstable and treacherous.

Semblance: Crow Actively can purge his body of dust or take in any form of dust. Said dust must cannot be in crystal form.

Kobra:7 feet reach in total length.  The center spike can fired out or used in straight combat. Within the spike is a phial that can contain dust of any kind.
Crow stratiotis‏ Spear1_by_ah_kai-d63gn19

Rampart: Dust is inserted into shield and using his dust affinity Crow can harden and refine the dust into a crystal overtime and can be used offensively or for counter offensive purposes. This is done by striking the crystal in the center of the sheild.
Crow stratiotis‏ Shield10


Strength: 8
Agility: 8
Intelligence: 7
Luck: 4
Charisma: 5
Dust Affinity:9
Aura: 5

Character Reference: Leo Fucking Nidas

Theme Song:


Item Name: Spear and sheild
Clothes in pic along with a leather jacket
Ace gets credit for the shield. gg get rekt no-re

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Post by Ace on Tue Mar 03, 2015 8:37 pm

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