Curiosity Killed the Cat [Solo/Recap]

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Curiosity Killed the Cat [Solo/Recap] Empty Curiosity Killed the Cat [Solo/Recap]

Post by Ace on Sun Mar 08, 2015 8:34 pm

Ace lay awake on a large bedroll, cuddling herself against a small blue ball with a star on it. A few lackeys surrounded her, sleeping away the memory of the day's work. If only she could do the same. "Miss... Toromaki?" A random voice called to the Faunus, distracting her from her thoughts.

"Hmm?" She sat up and gave her fellow brother of the White Fang a curious, yet somewhat enigmatic stare accompanied by a sigh.

"You don't talk much, Captain, and... I was curious... why did you become a member of the White Fang? It's because human are scum and... w-we should be the leading race of the world, right?!" He seemed a bit desperate, as though he was trying to prove something or clarify a thought that he'd had in his head, and didn't quite understand. Ace, however, was relatively aware of what was going through his head, and she wasn't very happy about it.

"It is thinking such as that which is responsible for the racism and segregation of our people. We are ridiculed and undermined because there are humans that think the exact same way as you do about their own race. Your heart is misguided, and it disgusts me." Her stare became an accusatory gaze, and she readjusted her position to better address the other Faunus. "You really want to know why I joined the White Fang? Why I treat EVERY human I meet with the same mindset as you, despite knowing better? It's because I know not to trust their species. Because I have been victimized by their cruelty, their deceitfulness... and their love..."

"I... don't understa-" The Faunus was cut off by Ace's interjection.

"When I was a little girl... I saw my father beaten by a mob and arrested for a crime that he hadn't committed. It happened in the middle of the street and no one did anything to stop it. I was even afraid to say anything myself. Instead, I ran away and cried in an alley. I was afraid and confused so all I did was cry and curl up in a ball while I waited to wake up from the nightmare that I was in. It started to rain, and I looked up when I realized that none of it was hitting me. There was a human standing there with an umbrella, smiling happily and extending his hand while he shielded me from the oncoming rain. 'What's wrong, little girl? Such a sweet child shouldn't be alone in this kind of weather, and certainly not in an alley.' He said. I couldn't tell him what was wrong. I just kept on crying and crying. He eventually convinced me, against my better judgement, to give in to my curiosity and follow him to his home and began raising me as his own daughter. Or at least... that's what I'd thought. After two days, he saw my tail and found out that I was a Faunus. The first thing he did after that was sold me to the Schnee Dust Company as a child worker. The man that I had trusted so greatly just after I had lost any faith in humanity had rebuilt my faith and tore it back down again, all in a matter of two days.

Ace's head dropped slightly, and she gave her star ball a slight squeeze, pressing it against her stomach. "I worked for the Schnee Dust Company for about a year before I was liberated by an attack from the White Fang. They took me and brought me up as one of the White Fang, teaching me to become a violent weapon that could become a key to their uprising. I was able to look around within two years and see the kind of respect that the humans were giving the Faunus, and it was all out of fear; and it still is. I know that what we are doing is wrong, and no different from what the humans are doing to us, but I also know that it's the only way to get what we deserve. The only way to be the voice of the Faunus who are too weak to speak up for themselves. I know that there are people out there who need the White Fang to be their voice, because I was one of those people. So that's why.... that's why I wage war with the humans. That's why I refuse to believe that any of them have kind hearts. That's why I kill them before I have a chance to slip into their web of lies. The voice of Curiosity is the voice of Grimm, and Love is the bullet of the Human bigot."

The other Faunus was left speechless, realizing that there was more to being in the White Fang than just hating humans and causing terrorism. "Now, get your rest, pup." Ace rolled over, pulling a blanket over herself. "We have a long day ahead of us."

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