Ace Toromaki (The Temptress of the White Fang)

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Ace Toromaki (The Temptress of the White Fang) Empty Ace Toromaki (The Temptress of the White Fang)

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Ace Toromaki

Name: Ace Nekoma Toromaki
Race: Faunus (Albino Fox)
Age: 19
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 137 lbs
Hair Color: Silver (Pinkish, due to her aura)
Eye Color: Clear (Also pink due to aura)
Skin Color: Pale white
Birthplace: Mistral
Team/Affiliation: White Fang
Partners: Zoe Robbins (Former)
Rank: Commander

Ace Toromaki (The Temptress of the White Fang) Ace_fm11

Additional Pictures:

Background: Unlike Zoe, Ace was practically born in to the White Fang. From birth, she was raised to believe that not only were humans a bigot-scum species, but that Faunus were, overall, superior species to humans. While she isn't particularly hateful to all humans who show appreciation and cooperation to faunus, these roots paved the way for her extreme diligence and dedication to the White Fang. When Zoe first joined, Ace saw her as naive girl who needed to be guided to the right path, so she asked to be partnered with her. This partnership lasted for several years, and the two became incredibly close to one another. Eventually, the two had designated an abandoned church as a safe house while either was away from allies. While Ace was out on an operation to cut off trade supplies from Vale, she encountered opposition in the form of a single Hunter. After a struggle, she was defeated by his brutality. In order to have her own life spared, Ace gave away Zoe's position in the abandoned church. Once the Hunter left, Ace was in the hands of the authorities on a cargo ship, who she quickly outwitted. She currently anticipates the inevitable reunion of both her and Zoe, and her and the mysterious hunter.

Personality: Ace is a seductive, cold, clever, cunning, cocky bitch. She has a sheer hatred for most humans and ensures that all of her work in killing them is VERY thorough. Although this personality is much at fault of her White Fang upbringing, it suits her demeanor quite well, and it's often hard to picture Ace without her "femme fatale" nature. Despite all of this, Ace has a hidden side, locked away deep in her heart where she remembers her childhood with Zoe, that is playful, fun, and generally happy. This, of course, is not something most experience. (Mostly because she kills people the first time she meets them.)

Aura Appearance: Although alluring to most at first, Ace's pink aura gives off a toxic and almost deadly vibe. Its activation gives off a puff of cherry blossom petals, and also creates the scent of such flora.

Semblance: Fox-Fire: With the use of dust, Ace can generate a small sphere of her own aura and use it offensively. Directly striking someone with it can cause various effects, such as freezing portions of the body or catching an object on fire. Without dust, a Fox-Fire simply seduces enemies, convincing them that they WANT to be on Ace's side.


Kyubi: A nine-ringed katana that, using Ace's aura as a catalyst, can alter Dust crystals--which are installed in the different rings--into unique forms. This allows Ace to use different Dust crystals to create varying effects with her sword. The types of Dust able to be created/used by Kyubi--including the regular Dust types--are: Heaven, Void, Wind, Spirit, Fire, Earth, River, Ocean, Mountain, Forest, Thunder, Time, and Sound. Kyubi, due to an unavoidable design flaw, is incapable of using ice Dust without altering it greatly. Rings can only be activated if they are the last ring on either end of the blade. Therefore the 1st or 9th ring must be used before the 2nd or 8th ring can be used respectively. Each ring can also only be activated once for an effect before it has to be replaced by a new one. A button on the handle releases the end of the blade with a chain attachment. A second button launches the end of the blade outward to its max length. The opening in the man part of the blade allows for the release dust in its powdered form, which can be stored in the handle.


Strength: 4
Agility: 8
Intelligence: 7
Luck: 6
Charisma: 9
Dust Affinity: 8
Aura: 8

Signature Abilities:

CELESTIAL LIGHT: Breaking a ring of heaven Dust results in a flash of bright light that can momentarily blind foes.

VOID SLASH: Breaking a ring of void Dust enchants Kyubi for a single strike. Such strike will paint a lingering cloud of darkness in the air or on whatever surface was hit. No natural light can pass through this cloud.

DIVINE WIND: Breaking a ring of wind Dust can either exert a large blast of air in an area around Kyubi, or, if used in conjunction with a strike, a strong gust of wind in a desired direction.

SOUL STEP: Breaking a ring of spirit Dust--which is really just vapor Dust--forces Ace into a gaseous state for a brief period of time. This allows her to easily move around solid objects and avoid attacks.

VULCAN: Breaking a ring of fire Dust sets Kyubi aflame.

FISSURE: Breaking a ring of earth Dust lets Ace displace the earth around her, usually creating small fissures.

MIGHTY STORM: Breaking a ring of river Dust lets Ace rip a small cloud in the air, causing harsh rainfall.

FOG BANK: Breaking a ring of ocean Dust conjures a large cloud of fog to spread out around Kyubi.


Character Reference: Kitsune of japanese mythology, and the cat from Cat and Mouse in Partnership.

(If only it weren't for all the League of Legends references.)

Trivia: Ace has a particular like for fat on her meals; this is based on the cat stealing the fat in the church in the story.
Ace has a small, plush ball with a star on it. This is a reference to the Star Balls that Kitsune have, which harbor their life force. As most Kitsune in mythology do, Ace treasures her ball.
In ironic contrast to Ace's hatred for humans, her father was a human.
Ace's semblance, Fox-Fire is based on the supernatural ability of the same name, which is commonly used by Kitsune.
Ace is actually an albino fox, meaning that her hair follicles and eyes would normally be clear, resulting in white hair and red eyes. Because this is RWBY though, her aura shows up and fills the clear pigment, causing her eyes and hair to be pink.

Quotes by Ace: "I'm tired of always playing Cat and Mouse."
"Don't you trust me?"
"Don't be such a buzz kill, Zoe."
"By Dust, let them come... be they man or beast."

Quotes on Ace: "Don't let that elegance and those looks deceive you. She'll rip those lovestruck eyes right out of your skull if you're not careful."
"A girl like that makes you think of a snake before a fox, doesn't she?"
"For being such a passionate killer, Ace is pretty quiet. Honestly... it kind of just freaks me out."


Lin: 100ยง
Manslayer: Ace's weapon
Vale Home: A moderate home inside the Vale Residential District.

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Ace Toromaki (The Temptress of the White Fang) Empty Re: Ace Toromaki (The Temptress of the White Fang)

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