Character and Creation Rules

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Character and Creation Rules Empty Character and Creation Rules

Post by Xaldalneir on Sun Mar 01, 2015 9:54 pm

1.) You may not use the original characters. If this is seen to be used in any way, you will be warned, and your character/post will be deleted. All player characters are handled by the Administrators.

2.) Same as above. You may not use their personalities OR history. (E.G. If you like Nora and want your character to be a pancake-loving, hammer-wielding badass who may or may not be in a relationship with her teammate, just don't.)

3.) There is no limit to character creation though it is required that you keep them active. Inactive characters will be moved to the inactive category accordingly.

4.) If you want a crush, you don't need the other player's permission. This is not for them to decide.

5.) All characters MUST be approved before RPing

6.) To demonstrate that you have read the rules, please combine the two phrases that will be put onto the ends of the rules pages.

7.) There is no problem with using face claims or name claims from other universes, or even a combination of the two, but if you directly rip a character from another universe that character will be denied and the application deleted.

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